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We understand that any new endeavor will be met with questions. This article is meant to answer all your questions about the FlexMedStaff platform.

By FlexMedStaff

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With any new endeavor, there will be skepticism from outsiders. The new FlexMedStaff platform is no different. Many have wondered what FlexMedStaff’s mission is and how it works. Unlike other platforms, we believe in full disclosure and transparency, so we provide it here. Please review the FAQ below for more information about the FlexMedStaff platform. If you have other questions, please submit them to suppor@flexmedstaff.com.   

General FAQ:

What is FlexMedStaff?  FlexMedStaff is a transparent, free marketplace for physicians and CRNAs to connect directly with medical facilities for locums, per diem, part-time, full-time, and non-traditional roles without the need for expensive staffing agencies, job boards, and recruiters.

What is FlexMedStaff’s mission? The platform’s mission is to 1) change lives, 2) build a community, 3) build a recognizable brand, and 4) create the most transparent marketplace for medical facilities to connect directly with practitioners.

Why was FlexMedStaff created? The platform was created to offer physicians and CRNAs an alternative to working with staffing agencies and recruiters. The FlexMedStaff platform allows practitioners to learn how to contract directly with facilities without needing a middleman. The goal is that practitioners will be able to rid themselves of the middleman, allowing them to be paid fairly and for facilities to save money.

Who can join FlexMedStaff? Physicians and CRNAs are welcome to join as well as hospitals, clinics, private practices, telemedicine companies, personal injury clinics, DPC clinics, urgent cares, alternative medicine clinics, utilization review companies,  and companies that perform independent medical exams.

Who founded FlexMedStaff? The platform was founded by an orthopaedic surgeon that learned how to contract directly without staffing agencies and wanted to share what he learned with others. There were many physicians, CRNAs, administrators, and non-medical people were instrumental in getting the platform off the ground.

How much does FlexMedStaff cost to join? It is free to physicians, CRNAs, and facilities.

Is FlexMedStaff a staffing agency? No, No, and No. FlexMedStaff is not a staffing agency, nor does it want to be. We are trying the get rid of the middleman. The platform is designed so that practitioners can negotiate contracts directly with each other without a middleman.

Does FlexMedStaff make a commission or have any hidden fees? No, the platform is completely transparent. No hidden Fees. No commission. Feel free to negotiate your own contracts without needing a middleman.

How does FlexMedStaff make money? Since FlexMedStaff does not make money from collecting commissions, subscription fees, or having any hidden fees. The platform’s revenues are based on community growth.

What types of jobs are available on the FlexMedStaff platform? Facilities can post traditional full-time opportunities and ones that are non-traditional. That might include opportunities that are temporary, infrequent, or recurring. Non-traditional opportunities available will include 1-2 weeks per month, 1-2 weekends per month, 10-14 days per month, and 2-4 days per week.

How to get registered for FlexMedStaff?  You should go to FlexMedStaff.com and register an account.

Can I follow FlexMedStaff on social media? Yes, please check us out on one of the following platforms:

YouTube Channel

Facebook Page




FAQ for Facilities

Can any facility or business join the FlexMedStaff platform? The TheFlexMedStaff platform is open to all facilities and companies that suit our mission. This can include hospitals, clinics, telemedicine companies, private practices, urgent care, alternative medicine, personal injury clinics, and utilization review companies.

What facilities should sign up for FlexMedStaff? Anyone that has a current or future need for a physician or CRNA. Facilities can seek physicians and CRNAs looking for a primary or secondary jobs.

What if I am not a hospital or hospital-based clinic? You are welcome to join FlexMedstaff as an independent facility. In some instances, your job postings will need to be listed by the FlexMedStaff administrator.

How many accounts can I create? You can create one account for all your facilities or one for each of your facilities.

How many jobs can I post? Unlimited. FlexMedStaff does not limit the number of job posts.

How much does it cost to post jobs? It is Free.

Does FlexMedStaff make a commission? No, FlexMedStaff does not charge a commission for connecting you with practitioners.

What type of jobs can I post? You can post opportunities to contract direct for locums, per diem, part-time, full-time, and any non-traditional role. You can post part-time opportunities such as 1-2 weeks per month, 1-2 weekends per month, 3-4 days per month, and 2-4 days per week.

Will I be notified when practitioners apply to my job posting? Yes, you can set your preferences to receive daily, weekly or monthly notifications.

How will I find practitioners? You can search the database by specialty.

How do I connect with Physicians and CRNAs? There is an internal messaging portal for you to start conversations with physicians and CRNAs.

How do I negotiate and contract directly with practitioners? Once you have connected with a practitioner thru the internal messaging portal, you can take the conversation offline without needing a middleman to negotiate and agree to a contract.  

Who can set up a facility account with FlexMedStaff?  Any administrator or recruiter can register a facility account. The person registering the account should be the main contact person for FlexMedStaff to communicate with.

How can I get my facility registered for FlexMedStaff?  Facilities should go to https://flexmedstaff.com/, click “Join as a Facility,” and then fill out the registration form. Completing the registration form takes less than 5 minutes. The verification process takes approximately 48 hours, you will have access to the platform if approved.

FAQ for Physicians and CRNAs

Who should sign up for FlexMedStaff? Anyone that is looking for a new opportunity or wants to take advantage of the benefits offered by the membership.

I already have a primary job, should I still sign up for FlexMedStaff? Yes, you can use the platform to look for a secondary source of income or a future opportunity. You could also register an account to take advantage of the member’s benefits.

What type of jobs can I find on the FlexMedStaff platform? You will find opportunities to contract directly for locums, per diem, part-time, full-time, and non-traditional roles with small and large medical facilities. You will also find opportunities with telemedicine companies, private practices, urgent care, alternative medicine, and personal injury clinics.

What is FlexMedStaff doing to make sure I am getting paid fairly? FlexMedStaff speaks with each facility about our mission to get physicians and CRNAS paid fairly for their work without needing a middleman. FlexMedStaff updates the facilities with the going rates and what practitioners would be willing to accept.   

Is FlexMedStaff listing W2 or 1099 positions? Simply put, we allow facilities to post both W2 and 1099 positions.

How do I connect with medical facilities on the FlexMedStaff platform? Each facility on the platform is easily searchable. Whether the facility has a job posted or not, you can connect with the facility via an internal messaging portal.

Where will the jobs be posted? All jobs are posted by the facilities and viewable on the internal FlexMedStaff platform. You can also view the jobs on the FlexMedStaff Facebook group.

Facebook Group for Physicians

Facebook Group for CRNAs

Will I be notified of openings on FlexMedStaff? Yes, you can set your preferences so that you will be notified of new opportunities in your specialty daily, weekly or monthly.

What are the advantages of registering an account as a physician or CRNA? Members will have access to the tools, resources, and educational material that allows them to be successful at contracting directly without needing a middleman.

What type of educational material does FlexMedStaff provide? The platform has educational content about working with staffing agencies and contracting directly to provide medical services. Included on the internal web pages are two textbooks worth of information. You will also find educational material within our articles published weekly. 

What type of resources does FlexMedStaff offer to physicians and CRNAs? In addition to providing a transparent marketplace for physicians and CRNA to contract directly with facilities, we also offer access to the things you will need to be successful, like templated contracts, contract attorneys, malpractice insurance, and much more.

What are the perks and benefits of being a FlexMedStaff member? Practitioners will have access to unique discounts for goods and services unavailable to physicians and CRNA outside the platform.

Does FlexMedStaff help promote other physicians’ and CRNAs’ businesses and side hustles? Yes, the platform has a section called “Beyond Medicine,” where you can feature your business, website, products, books, social media, and podcasts. FlexMedStaff also welcomes other practitioners to co-author articles for cross-promotion. Please let us know if you are interested in having your side hustle featured and/or co-authoring an article at support@flexmedstaff.com.

Does FlexMedStaff offer malpractice insurance? No, FlexMedStaff does not have malpractice insurance. Instead, we provide the resources so that you can either find malpractice insurance or negotiate for the facility to provide it.

Can I post a job as a CRNA or physician if I am not a facility? The simple answer is Yes. Please email support@flexmedstaff to post an opportunity if you are a CRNA or Physician.

Who will see my profile? All medical facilities on the platform can see your profile and connect with you via an internal messaging portal.

Is there a way to hide my profile, so my employer does not see me searching? Yes, your profile can be hidden so that facilities will not see you on the platform.

If I am not looking for a new opportunity, should I still join FlexMedStaff? Yes, there are perks and benefits available to all FlexMedStaff members, no matter if you are looking or not looking for a new opportunity. The larger the community grows, the better the perks and benefits will get.

How to get registered for FlexMedStaff?  Physicians and CRNAS should go to https://flexmedstaff.com/, click “Join as a Practitioner,” and then fill out the registration form. Completing the registration form takes less than 5 minutes. Within 48 hours, your account will be verified, and you will have access to the platform.

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