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Are you looking for your next expert witness or consultant? If so, then you have come to the right place. We have over 5,000 registered experts in our database. Although most of our experts are physicians, we also have experts in other healthcare-related fields. In addition, our database of experts includes those not in the healthcare system, such as those involved in engineering and business.  If you need an expert, we have someone looking to work with you. If we don’t have someone, then we will search to find you the best candidate for the role you need.

We aim to find you authentic, unbiased, and objective-minded experts to help review your cases and assessment.

Law firms will pay a one-time fee of $375 per expert referral.

Let us help you find your next expert. Please fill out the questionnaire below so we can learn more about what you are looking for. Once you complete the questionnaire, we will contact you by phone to confirm how one of our panel experts can serve you.  You also welcome to submit your request for an expert via email at or call us at 847-450-1177 

Please complete the form below if you are looking to search for an expert. By filling out this form and clicking on this box you agree to be placed into the FlexMedStaff database of law firms and companies seeking experts.. In conjuction with Physicians for Quality (PFQ), FlexMedStaff offers a matching service for experts and companies. When individuals, agencies, companies or firms are looking for experts we will match them with experts. Any misrepresentation of your credentials will not be tolerated. FlexMedStaff, LLC is to be held harmless in the event any action is brought against you, an individual, patient, agency, firm or company associated with the use of this platform/website. It is the sole responsibility of the users and experts to research and verify each other. Experts are to act on their own behalf. Experts do not work for FlexMedStaff. Experts are not considered employees or indpendent contractors of FlexMedStaff, LLC. FlexMedStaff, LLC only provides a matching service. FlexMedStaff is not responsible for billing or collection of payment from users or experts. Your information here will not be sold or used with 3rd party vendors.
Please provide brief description of what you are seeking from an expert (ie: certificate of merit, malpractice review, causation review, etc)
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