For Facilities

Find the Coverage You Need Without Expensive Staffing Agencies, External Recruiters, and Job Boards

FlexMedStaff allows your facility to connect to physicians & surgeons seeking flexible part-time and full-time opportunities without the middleman. Instead of navigating expensive third-party recruiting sites and staffing agencies, FlexMedStaff puts hospitals and clinics directly in contact with their ideal job candidates. We are NOT a locum’s company, nor a recruitment firm. Instead, we facilitate direct relationships between practitioners and facilities. We hope to connect you with a wide array of practitioners looking to provide a commitment to your facility for recurring work. With access to our extensive database of medical personnel, you will be able to find the right person to fill your job opening anywhere in the country. This can all be done without having a middleman taking a piece of the pie, which is great for your facility and the practitioners. 

Full Transparency

It’s Free for facilities to join with no other hidden cost. FlexMedStaff makes paying for costly recruitment sites unnecessary.

Direct Access

Facilities have easy & direct access to all practitioners on the platform looking to contract directly as independent practitioners.

Unlimited Options

You can post an unlimited number of positions for traditional and non-traditional opportunities.

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