How Physicians can Take Advantage of FlexMedStaff Job Board

The FlexMedStaff platform offers a lot to all physicians, especially those looking for new opportunities. This article focuses on how physicians can take advantage of the job board to score new clinical opportunities.

By FlexMedStaff

Subscribe to read more articles like this. is a new platform for physicians to find new clinical and non-clinical opportunities without needing a middleman. FlexMedStaff was founded by an orthopaedic surgeon to disrupt the traditional staffing and recruitment models. The platform has a unique job board that healthcare facilities and physicians can use for free to connect directly via a messaging portal rather than work through an external recruiter or staffing agency. The goal is that direct communication between physicians and facilities will allow them to negotiate directly to create clinical arrangements that work for all parties. This might include clinical roles for full-time, part-time, locums, per-diem, or moonlighting. Let’s review how physicians can use the FlexMedStaff platform to find new clinical opportunities.

The Basics of the Job Board

Sign-up is free. Register an account at To be verified, you must provide your name, specialty, NPI, license number, and a website URL linked to you (i.e., social media account, professional webpage, etc.).

Search for Jobs.  You can search for all clinical jobs posted on the job board. You will find jobs posted for full-time, part-time, per diem, etc. You can narrow your search by specialty and geographical radius. Take advantage of the map to find clinical opportunities locally and nationally.

Apply for jobs. Similar to other job boards, if you are interested in a clinical opportunity, you can apply for it and send along a message and any corresponding documents (i.e., CV or cover letter).

View all healthcare facilities on the platform. Physicians can view all facilities on the platform even if the facility does not have any jobs posted. Physicians can contact each facility via the internal messaging portal without having to apply for a position.

Internal messaging portal. Like Facebook messaging, physicians can message any facility to start a conversation. If both parties have mutual interest, you can schedule a call or meeting to take the discussion offline.

Fill out your profile. Physicians that fill out their profiles are more likely to be found by facilities. Fill out your profile completely, and don’t forget to upload your picture and CV.

Tricks to Connecting with a Healthcare Facility

Apply to jobs. This is simple! Find jobs in your specialty that you are interested in and apply to them.

Contact facilities with jobs posted in your specialty but do not match what you are looking for. If you see a job posted in your specialty that does not match the clinical arrangement you are looking for, consider sending a message to the facility to ask if they would be open to other arrangements (part-time, per diem, moonlighting, etc.).   

Message any Facility. After viewing all the facilities listed on the platform, consider contacting them directly to inquire about any opportunities they might have. Use the messaging portal to ask if the facility has any openings in your specialty. Also, don’t be afraid to put in your messaging what you are looking for (full-time, part-time, weekend coverage, etc.).

Contact facilities that have jobs posted in other specialties. If facilities are looking for one specialty, they are likely looking for others. Consider sending the facility a message to see if they are open to working an arrangement with someone in your specialty.

Final thoughts

Don’t miss out on taking advantage of the FlexMedStaff job board. FlexMedStaff offers transparency not seen by other job boards. Know that there is more than one way to find new opportunities. You can apply to posted jobs or simply start a conversation with any facility via the internal messaging portal. Finding new opportunities is not always easy, but the team at FlexMedStaff is doing its best to make it easier to find your next opportunity without needing a middleman.

Don’t forget that there is much more to the FlexMedStaff platform than its job board. Be sure to check out all the tools, resources, and discounts offered to FlexMedStaff physician members. 

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