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Please fill out the submission form below so that your job or consulting opportunity can be listed on the FlexMedStaff job board for non-clinical work. This job board is meant for opportunities that do not involve direct, on-site treatment of patients (ie: telemedicine, e-consults, med-legal review, Utilization Reviews, etc).
FlexMedStaff will review your submission before it is
published on the job board. There may be a fee associated with posting your job. FlexMedStaff reserves the right to refuse to publish a job post if it does not align with its mission and goals. FlexMedStaff will edit your job and verify with you if the changes are reasonable before publication.
Upon submission, your contact information will be kept confidential and will only be used for FlexMedStaff to communicate with you. FlexMedStaff is not responsible for verifying or credentialing the candidates and applicants. You are solely responsible for verifying the authenticity and qualifications of the applicants. FlexMedStaff is to be held harmless for any actions you perform or the applicant you find through this job board.

Please complete the form below to have your job submitted to FlexMedStaff for review.

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