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The More You Know: Keys to Negotiations

Not all practitioners feel comfortable negotiating for themselves. This article provides an overview of the items you should know about if you were to negotiate for an opportunity to contract directly for locums-type work.

A Life Beyond Medicine

As medical practitioners, sometimes our careers can get stagnant. This article shares a personal story of how one practitioner developed careers beyond medicine to provide a healthy distraction from his days as a surgeon.

Save Time, Hire a Virtual Scribe

Each practitioner is expected to work hard, yet little guidance is provided about how to be efficient. This article proposes that practitioners consider using virtual scribes to improve work-life balance.

Part-time Doctoring

Many practitioners are experiencing burnout and wanting to leave their full-time clinical roles. This article proposes the idea of increasing access to more part-time opportunities for practitioners to improve work-life balance and lessen burnout.

Stand Out From the Pack: Impress with a Video CV

When applying for a locums opportunity each practitioner must find a way to separate themselves from the other candidates. to find great lodging for their travels. This article discusses how practitioner can create a Video CV to enhance their application for locums-type work.

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