Locums Chronicles: Guest

Thank you for agreeing to participate in our event called “Locums chronicles.” Originally we wanted to record live interviews, but after further thought, we have decided to record these interviews before the event. The event is scheduled for the evenings of April 19th and 20th. We hope to interview 16 doctors and each interview will last less than 25 minutes.  The aim is for doctors to share their stories and experiences of getting into and doing locums.


You are welcome to self-promote your life’s activities and/or side hustles.

You are welcome to speak of about compensation rates if you feel comfortable or speak in generalities.


Please do not mention any specific hospital system or locums company. Instead, speak in generalities.


This file has a list of potential questions that might be asked during the interview. We don’t intend to ask all these questions but want you to feel prepped for the interview.


Please fill out the questionnaire below. Once you “submit” the form, you will be directed to another website to schedule your interview.

Let us know if you have questions by contacting me on Facebook or support@flexmedstafff.

Please complete the form below if you are looking to be a guest speaker for this FlexMedStafff event. By filling out this form and clicking on this box you agree to participate in this activity. Your interview will be recorded and all or some portions of the recording will be placed on socila media and the FlexMedStaff website. Your personal information obtained from this questionaire will not be sold or used with 3rd party vendors.
This is to be used if any audio issues during recording
This information will be used for event advertisements and to introduce you on recording

After clicking "Submit" you will be directed to schedule your interview.

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