Posting Jobs for Other Physicians

Please complete the survey below to allow FlexMedStaff to post a new job opportunity for you. FlexMedStaff will send you email information for the practitioners interested in your positions. Please remember that FlexMedStaff does not verify the identity, nor the professional skills of those on the platform. Thus, it is your sole responsibility to verify the candidates credentilas and information. FlexMedStaff, LLC is to be held harmless in the event any action is brought against an individual or facility associated with the use of this platform/website or the interaction between the facility and practitioners. The information provided in this survey will be used for posting jobs and posting jobs only. The information here will not be sold or used with 3rd party vendors.

Information below will be placed on the job post

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
This should be pictures unique to the job and used by your office/facility.
(ie: Hospitalist needed for 2 weeks per month)
Enter a detailed description of the position.
This is required in order to map the coordinates for users.
(ie: $3,000/24hr call, $2,500 for 8-hour clinic, $1500 call pay with $250/hour on-site work)
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