Recruiting Med-Legal Experts

FlexMedStaff partners with Physicians for Quality (PFQ)

PFQ has a 30-year history of matching qualified physicians with law firms, insurance companies, and other entities to provide expert reviews and consultations. FlexMedStaff has partnered with PFQ to be its primary recruiter to grow its nationwide panel of experts looking to perform legal reviews and do consulting work. In addition, FlexMedStaff will work with PFQ to find more opportunities for its physicians.

PFQ is a referral source with transparency

PFQ, nor FlexMedStaff want to be your middleman. PFQ charges law firms a flat fee of $375 to introduce them to an expert. Once the experts are introduced, both parties will work directly with each other without the involvement of PFQ or FlexMedStafff. The experts have the freedom to negotiate their own fees.

What opportunities are available?

Physicians will have access to opportunities to work with law firms reviewing cases for malpractice, medical necessity, causation, disability, and life planning. Experts will be expected to do remote chart reviews and write reports for law firms. In some cases, experts will be expected to perform depositions and court testimonies for either the plaintiff or the defense. Beyond working with law firms, experts will be able to work as consultants for healthcare companies.

Do you only work with physicians?

No, we work with companies and law firms seeking experts in all professions. No matter if you are a therapist or an engineer, we have opportunities for you.

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