Should I get a CLEAR Membership?

Frequent travelers may want to look at getting a CLEAR membership. This article answers your question bout CLEAR and how to get a discounted membership.

By FlexMedStaff

Most travelers are familiar with TSA Precheck and Global Entry, but not all are aware of CLEAR. Becoming a CLEAR member is an option for those frequent flyers looking to streamline their way thru airport security. This article answers your questions about CLEAR and if it is right for you. We also uncover how you can get the lowest price on a CLEAR membership.

What is CLEAR?

CLEAR is a technology-based service that verifies your identity at its kiosk by scanning your eyes to expedite your way thru airport security. This service is also available at sporting events and concerts.

How much does CLEAR cost?

For an annual membership, CLEAR costs $189.

How much does adding friends and family to your CLEAR membership cost?

You can add up to three family members and friends to your CLEAR membership for an additional $60 per individual.

How much does it cost for children to be added to your membership?

FREE. Children under 18 years old can go thru CLEAR at no additional cost.

Are there discounts for College students?

Yes, college students and some government workers, and the military can get a membership for $60.

Does my credit card reimburse me for a CLEAR membership?

Most credit cards do not fully or partially reimburse for CLEAR. The only credit cards that fully reimburse for CLEAR are the following American Express cards: Centurion, Personal Platinum, and Business Platinum.


Do I have to take my shoes off at security lines?

No. Like TSA PreCheck, you do not need to take off your shoes or take out your electronics from your bags.

Is CLEAR available at all airports?

No, CLEAR is not at most airports. CLEAR is only available at 43 airports as of 2022.

Is CLEAR available at all airport terminals?

No, unfortunately, CLEAR is not available at all terminals. For example, CLEAR may be available at terminal A, but not at Terminal B.

Is TSA PreCheck or Global Entry included in the CLEAR membership?

No, you must purchase TSA PreCheck and Global Entry separately.   

Can I have CLEAR and TSA PreCheck?

Yes, you can purchase a CLEAR membership and also have a TSA Precheck and/or Global Entry.

Is CLEAR better than TSA PreCheck at some airports?

Maybe. CLEAR usually has a shorter line, so it might be faster when there is a large volume of people trying to get thru security.

Do FlexMedStaff members get a discount on CLEAR membership?

Yes, FlexMedStaff members have access to the free trial period. The promo code can be found once you log into your account at

Are there other ways to get discounts on CLEAR membership?

Delta SkyMiles: With a Delta airlines SkyMiles account, you can get CLEAR for an annual rate of $119. If you earn elite status with Delta, you can get CLEAR for as low as $109.

United MileagePlus: With a United airlines MileagePlus account, you can get CLEAR for an annual rate of $119. If you have 1k premier status, you get CLEAR for Free.

American Express Credit Card. The deals are constantly changing, but many AmEx credit cards offer a CLEAR discount. You can get 50% off by signing up for a new credit card with AmEx. American Express Centurion, Personal Platinum, and Business Platinum credit cards currently offer full reimbursement on CLEAR memberships.

Final thoughts:

CLEAR membership is an excellent option for those frequent flyers looking for faster ways to get thru airport security. The membership is best for those living near or traveling to airports with CLEAR. The membership is reasonably priced, with a few ways to get a discount.

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