Special Series

FlexMedStaff is pleased to share some of our featured videos with its members and the general public. The videos shared on this platform are intended to educate and inspire practitioners currently involved with contracting directly or looking to do so. This video series will feature practitioners and healthcare administrators that offer advice to practitioners and facilities about contracting directly. FlexMedStaff hopes to share its vision of disrupting the staffing industry by sharing our content and motivating those in the healthcare industry to look at the employment process and staffing shortage differently. Let’s prepare ourselves for the Next Wave of Practicing Medicine.

Thoughts about Physician Suicide and Prevention

Physician suicide is all too common. We speak of how physicians should seek out the Physician Hotline if they are interested in speaking with someone.

Why Physicians Should have Malpractice Insurance

This video discusses how malpractice insurance may not always be needed, but we would recommend that you have it.

Understanding Malpractice Policies and the COI

This video discusses group malpractice policies and the COI.

Dealing with Malpractice Insurance when Contract Directly

This Video discusses how to handle malpractice insurnace when contracting directly.

Options for those NOT Board Certified

This video discusses options for those not board certified.

Keeping Updated with Life Support Certifications

This video reminds physicians to ensure that their life support certifications (ie: ACLS/BLS) are up to date.

Using Compact License to Obtain Mutliple Medical State licenses

The IMLCC offers physicians the opportunity to easily obtain multiple state medical license. In this video we discuss the Compact license and the criteria that must be met to get the Compact license.

Speak with an On-site Physician Before you Start

This video reminds physicians to speak with an on-site physician in their speciality before accepting their next opporutnity. No matter if you are accepting a locums, part-time, or full-time role ensure that you speak with physician on-site to guage if the facility is right for you.

Finding Facilities to Contract Directly

This video discusses how you can find your next opportunity to contract directly without a recruiter. If you are looking for to contract directly for locums, part-time, or full-time this is a good review of ways to find faciliites in need.

Introduction to FlexMedStaff

This video interviews the founder of FlexMedStaff and explores the reason for starting the platform and dives into the goals for FlexMedStaff.

Two Reasons Physicians are Leaving Medicine

This video explores two potential reasons why physicians are leaving medicine.... Is it the 1) Facility or 2) clinical arrangement?

How to contact Private Practices

This video share our advice on how to contact private practices for locums, part-time and full-time opporutnities.

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