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Are you looking for a platform to share your writings? FlexMedStaff offers physicians and non-physicians to post their content on its website that is relevant to physicians. This can include articles about the practice of medicine, non-clinical work, side hustles, travel, health, well-being, legal matters, etc. Articles can be thought-provoking or simply informative for our reading audience.

How it works?

You can submit to FlexMedStaff any of your personal content that has been previously posted on other websites/forums or new material for it to be published on FlexMedStaff will work with content writers to edit their articles/blogs to match the FlexMedStaff format. FlexMedStaff will assist in the writing and editing process as needed. You can finally say what is and what is not adapted for publication. FlexMedStaff allows authors to self-promote, as long as it does not interfere with the purpose or message of the article. All authors will have a free bio posted with the article. FlexMedStaff will recognize your business/personal website and contact info. If applicable, FlexMedStaff will reference the URL/website of where the original article/blog came from to increase SEO for all parties. FlexMedStaff will then share the published article on its website and social media accounts.

Why should you submit your content to FlexMedStaff?

#1. It’s FREE

#2. FlexMedStaff will work with you to edit and enhance your article for publication.

#3. FlexMedStaff allows for self-promotion and includes your author bio.

#4. FlexMedStaff will help you build traffic with our reading audience.

#5. FlexMedStaff will help with your website/blog SEO by cross-posting the publication.

#6. FlexMedStaff will help create your articles from scratch. You can submit your notes or get on the phone with us to work on a new article. “Lets write together.”

#7. You maintain ownership of your content. You can freely share the published article on your social media accounts and other websites.

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