6 Reasons Nanny Care is Best for Physicians

Many physicians must weigh how they will provide childcare services if they continue to do clinical work. This article discusses the advantages of hiring a nanny over taking your children to a childcare center.

By Michelle LaRowe with contributions from FlexMedStaff

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For many physicians, securing high-quality and consistent childcare is a barrier to transitioning to life as a locum, part-time or traveling physician. Whether one parent needs additional childcare support while the other travels to an assignment or the spouse and kids are coming along on the adventure, finding the right childcare solution can mean the difference between making the transition successful or not for practitioner families. Physicians and their families have the option of taking their children to a childcare center, a home-based daycare, or hiring a nanny.

For parents looking for childcare while continuing to work as a physician, here are six reasons nanny care is your best option.

You’re the Boss. As a physician, there’s much outside your control when you’re working a temporary, part-time, or full-time position. You might be in a new environment with new people and expectations that you must figure out as you go. When you hire a nanny, you control your childcare arrangement. You set the rate, schedule, duties, and responsibilities and determine who is caring for your children, to what standard, and when.

Cost-Effective. Unlike with daycare, where you must pay a per-child rate, with nanny care, nannies are paid by the position. The difference in cost when caring for one child or two is minimal. With tax credits that can offset the cost of paying a nanny legally, nanny care is an attractive option for those who work irregular schedules and long hours.

Flexibility. Running late is a reality for most practitioners. With childcare centers, there are set hours and little flexibility outside the center’s daily schedule. In fact, some centers have policies where they charge a fee for every minute you’re late. And what happens if you need care in the evenings or on weekends? Or overnight care while you work the night shift? Or a caregiver who can travel with you? No childcare option can compete with the flexibility a nanny can offer.  

Convenience. With nanny care, the childcare provider comes to your home and cares for your child in their own environment. There’s no getting the child ready to go to a center where the child must conform to the center’s rules and routines. With nanny care, childcare comes to you, and your child is cared for in their own environment where the nanny will follow your child’s routine and house rules.  

Additional Support. Many nannies are willing to take on other household-related duties or responsibilities. Within the nanny world, you can hire a nanny/housekeeper, a nanny/household assistant, or a nanny/manager to offer additional household support. While you may pay a higher per-hour rate for a nanny who will offer additional services, nannies typically tend to all tasks related to the children, including doing the children’s laundry, meal prep, and keeping the children’s areas clean and tidy.

Back-up Care. For parents worried about backup care, should the nanny be sick, don’t be. Many reputable nanny referral agencies offer backup care to clients who hire a nanny through their service. If the nanny you hired cannot come to work, the agency will often send in a temporary replacement to you.

Final Thoughts:

Don’t let childcare concerns hold you back from transitioning to locum work. With some planning and preparation, you can find the right nanny for your unique childcare needs. Whether you require childcare services at home or on the road, hiring a nanny can enhance your career as a locums practitioner.

***Michell LaRowe has over 25 years of experience in the nanny industry as a credentialed and award-winning nanny, nanny educator, and nanny placement agency owner. Michelle can help you identify and source the childcare you need when you need it most. Michelle has served as executive director of the International Nanny Association and currently serves as the executive director of Morningside Nannies, an award-winning Houston-based nanny agency and serves as managing partner at Longhorn Leads, LLC, where she manages a portfolio of nanny-related websites and businesses including GlobalNannyTraining.com and eNannySource.com. She also serves as publisher for Nanny Magazine. You can learn more about Michelle at MichelleLaRowe.com.

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