FlexMedStaff was created by practitioners for all practitioners as a transparent marketplace for facilities to connect with practitioners without the need for a middleman for locums, per-diem, part-time, full-time, and non-traditional roles.

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Through a streamlined database, independent practitioners can find work anywhere in the country that fits their lifestyle. Likewise, hospitals and clinics can access thousands of practitioners to fill part-time and full-time opportunities. FlexMedStaff offers the practitioners and facilities the tools and resources to successfully contract directly. Sign up now to rid yourself of the expensive staffing agencies, recruiters, and job boards, and start contracting directly without the middleman.

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FlexMedStaff.com was created by physicians to encourage more medical practitioners to contract directly with facilities without having to work thru staffing agencies, external recruiters, and job boards. Are you looking to contract directly with facilities for locums, per-diem, part-time, full-time or non-traditional roles? If so, then create a profile to search for any opportunity that might suit you. It is time to contact directly with facilities without the hassle of going thru a middleman. With no commissions or recruitment fees, you can negotiate your deals without a middleman. Sign up today to start contracting directly with facilities and have access to the resources you will need to be successful as an independent practitioner.

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FlexMedStaff.com is a fully transparent platform that allows your facility to search for physicians and CRNAs looking to contract directly for locums, per-diem, part-time, full-time, an non-traditional roles. Instead of going thru expensive staffing agencies, external recruiters or job boards, you can use the platform to connect directly with practitioners for any type of work you are looking for.

Your hospital or clinic can register for FREE, post unlimited opportunities, and have full access to all medical practitioners across the country looking to commit to your facility. Sign up today to start contracting directly with practitioners without the middleman.

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Experiencing The Next Wave of Practice


Contracting Directly

Connecting practitioners and facilities directly without the need for a middleman.


Access to Special Resources

Allowing practitioners to access a multitude of resources enabling successful independent practice.


Fair Market Value

Allowing practitioners and facilities to pay based on “fair market value”.


Creating a New Life

Improving work-life balance for practitioners.


Increasing Returns

Increasing returns for both the practitioner and facility, while improving efficiency.


Building a Special Community

Creating a community of direct partnership between practitioners and facilities.

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