From our clients

My FlexMedStaff mentor generously spent countless hours over a period of days coaching both me and my wife through the process of finding a position. If it wasn’t for them we would not have had the confidence to look more aggressively. They gave away so much priceless knowledge both through FMS articles & resources on the site. In addition they make themselves very available to answer questions & provide encouragement without sugar coating facts. FlexMedStaff has been a LOT more helpful than any recruiter or resource we have used. My subspecialty is very specific and the opportunities were few. When the agencies ghosted us, my mentor was there every step of the way. They helped us course correct when we felt like giving up. Words cannot even begin to express our gratitude for their service. It turned our distress into eustress. A huge weight has been lifted and we are so thankful that we crossed paths with FlexMedStaff to guide and mentor us.
Interventional Radiologist
My FlexMedStaff mentor played a pivotal role in my journey to become a Locums physician, offering invaluable support and guidance throughout the process. Her extensive knowledge of navigating both agency and direct contracts served as a constant source of encouragement, providing me with crucial insights into the intricacies of locum tenens work. The mentorship went beyond clinical ability, encompassing effective communication skills, adaptability, and strategies for seamlessly integrating into different healthcare environments. Her practical advice on navigating the complexities of locums assignments, coupled with a genuine commitment to my professional growth, significantly enhanced my confidence and capabilities. My mentors encouragement and hands-on assistance were instrumental in shaping my successful transition to a Locums physician, and I am grateful for the mentorship that has been pivotal in my career development.
My FlexMedStaff mentor is just amazing. She’s friendly, knowledgeable, caring and you can tell she loves her job from her dedication. We’re lucky to have someone like her in healthcare.
My FlexMedStaff mentor is a great teacher and physician. She helped me set up my cash-based practice and helped me avoid common pitfalls.
Had an enlightening conversation with FlexMedStaff. They seem to look out for the physician by bridging the pay gap between large national locum agencies and us as clinicians. They have been responsive to my questions, and I hope to continue working closely with them in my efforts to practice medicine the way I want.
Family Medicine
It is clear that FlexMedStaff is on a mission to help physicians appreciate and capitalize on their value. So many physicians are being dragged by the healthcare system, and it’s easy to forget that we can still fight for ourselves. My mentor made himself available and willing to partner with me to help me reclaim my value as a physician. I am new to locums, and I was very concerned about navigating this new world. I was concerned about putting myself at the mercy of recruiters and potentially getting some bad deals. My mentor partnered with me to help give me the confidence and the techniques to advocate for the best deals. They even encouraged me to go after direct contracts with hospital systems. This is the best way to cut out the middleman and maximize my value! As physicians, we have to fight back. There is a way to work on our terms and re-claim the respect and value we worked so hard to earn. I’m so appreciative to have a passionate and skilled physician in my corner.
Navigating the locum world can be extremely daunting and often physicians are at a huge disadvantage in the system.  FlexMedStaff mentors have been a great resource in educating me and other physicians on the many aspects of locum work, including advice regarding contract negotiations, malpractice and health insurance issues, and even insight on day-to-day life as a locum doc. It is so refreshing to find physicians who are motivated by a genuine desire to support fellow physicians.
I am new to locums and wasn't aware of being able to directly negotiate with hospitals. FlexmedStaff was a great support during my negotiation with the hospital and gave me lots of useful tips. Knowledge is power and FlexMedStaff is there to help physicians feel empowered in the process.
Intensivist & Pulmonologist
It seems like common sense to cut out the middleman when it comes to any business.  Unfortunately, doctors aren’t always their best advocates when it comes to their businesses.  Locums companies take advantage of that and make a killing.   I was in a situation where I serendipitously was offered the same job from both a locums company and the hospital directly.  The Locums company offered me 60% of what the hospital gave me directly.  That’s when I truly realized how much we were leaving on the table with every deal with a locums company.  But realizing that you’re the one with the talent, the life-saving skill, and honestly, the priceless commodity is power.  Negotiating your own contracts directly is the ultimate way to flex that power. This is how FlexMedStaff is changing the game so that all physicians can be successful at cutting out the middleman.  
Obstetrician & Gynecologist
The input from my FlexMedStaff mentor has been invaluable. Without their support, I most certainly would have been taken advantage of by the locums recruiting agencies who are constantly looking for ways to devalue and "squeeze" us. I learned how to protect my CV and avoid being presented to facilities without my permission and how to negotiate for better rates. I also learned tips for direct contracting with facilities myself and avoiding the locums agencies altogether. I would argue that rates are still not where they should be for my specialty (Ob/Gyn); however, now I feel that my time is valued and respected. I have control over my schedule, and my work satisfaction and overall wellbeing has increased dramatically. I cannot emphasize enough how vital it is to have a physician mentor to support and guide you as you make the daunting decision to leave an employed position and to enter the uncharted waters of locums/direct contract opportunities. I wish I had made this transition earlier!
In starting out a new career pathway of being a locums physician, I was not even aware that direct contracting with a hospital was even an option. FlexMedStaff and its mentors have been an excellent resource for me and other physicians attempting to navigate this pathway in order to negotiate directly with facilities that need our services.  Their input, advice and the time they takes to share their experiences with you has been invaluable. Thank you FlexMedStaff for forging the way toward a new paradigm where physicians can directly negotiate their "fair market value".
Intensivist and Pulmonlogist
I commend FlexMedStaff for being a disruptor. Healthcare like with any other industry has grown stagnant. Having platforms like FlexMedStaff reinvigorates the system. Innovation is necessary, it is vital to continue. It offers a viable alternative for those who do not want to conform or join the system. Everyone has the right to negotiate directly, to advocate on your own behalf and platforms like FlexMedStaff affords healthcare providers the opportunity to do just that. It put the healthcare practitioners in the driver’s seat.
The FlexMedStaff mentors exhibits passion for helping physicians learn the best way to navigate directly contracting with hospital systems. They spend much of their time sharing their large knowledge base with colleagues who reach out. Connecting with FlexMedStaff has helped me to feel more confident in my locum journey. Thank you so much! 
Orthopaedic Surgeon
The team at FlexMedStaff were a great resource. As a military doctor, contract negotiations with hospitals was a new experience. Being able to discuss professional goals allowed me to present myself to hospitals as a valuable resource and negotiate a contract for the benefit of both the hospital and myself without being taken advantage of. The time devoted by the FlexMedStaff team was extremely beneficial and they taught me much about the business side of medicine. I am thankful for the advice and direction given by FlexMedStaff.
My FlexMedStaff mentor was an invaluable resource to the independent contractor and locum physician community. Their remarkable acumen in understanding matters such as contract negotiation, compensation and fair market value, personal finance, and more. Every independent contractor physician can benefit from the wealth of knowledge FlexMedStaff has to share.
My FlexMedStaff mentor was a great resource in helping me learn how to contract directly with the hospitals. My mentor patiently explained how to get better rates and better control of your schedule with this. Really grateful for this information they very generously shared!
FlexMedStaff mentors have been very detailed and helpful in discussing different contract/employment/malpractice options. They have given me a new framework for negotiating with employers that has been invaluable, especially as I am a recent graduate from training. I cannot recommend FlexMedStaff mentors highly enough. There is no substitute for truly knowing your worth as a physician.
Pediatric Neurologist
I find it so empowering meeting people like the mentors at FlexMedStaff. Their experience in contracting hospitals directly avoiding middle man and tips on legal side of being self- employed as well as negotiation strategy have been incredibly valuable. I am very thankful for all this shared knowledge especially as I am a newbie in the world of Locums. Thank you!
FlexMedStaff's mission to educate locums and indpendent physicians to be aware of fair market value payment is much needed. Their focus on independent contractors directly contracting with clinics/hospitals, removing the locums companies and recruiters from the equation, is a game changer in this arena in that we, as physicians, will regain control of what our time is worth. Armed with knowledge from FlexMedStaff and their templates, I was able to negotiate a high fair market value hourly rate for my first locums job.  Thank you!