Got Burnout? Locums tenens can give you the career you want!

This article explores the connection between physician burnout and locums, detailing personal experiences and highlighting six ways locums can help prevent and mitigate burnout. We discuss the benefits of locums such as autonomy over schedules, increased job satisfaction, time for self-care and family, reduced stress, and the opportunity to explore new places.

Locums and FOMO: What is there to Fear? 

This article emphasizes the psychological impact of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on locum physicians and encourages a mindset shift from fear to empowerment. By highlighting the negative effects of fear-based thinking, it promotes conscious living, taking control of one’s reality, and finding joy in creating a purposeful life.

Best Hotel Brands for Locums Physicians

There are many hotel chains to chose from. This article reviews all hotel cahins for locums physicians that travel.

Best Credit Cards for Traveling Locums Physicians

There are many credit card options out there. This article reviews the best credit cards for locums physicians that travel.

Stand Out From the Pack: Impress with a Video CV

Discover the strategic advantage of using a video CV when applying for part-time and PRN positions. In a competitive market, a well-crafted video CV can differentiate physicians, providing a personalized touch and enhancing their chances of securing direct contracts with facilities for locums-type work.

What’s the Middleman Worth to You?

This article will make you rethink the role of locums companies and the profits they make off physician services. We discuss the need for transparency and prompt physicians to assess the value of intermediaries in their earnings.

Fractionalized Medicine: Practicing differently

Explore the emerging trend of physicians leaving clinical medicine and the proposed solution of “Fractionalized Medicine.” This concept suggests unique working arrangements, providing physicians with more time off, combating burnout, and retaining experienced professionals, offering a potential solution to the physician shortage.

Golden Shackles No More: My Path to Physician Innovator

This article provides a firsthand account of a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon’s successful transition from traditional surgery to healthcare innovation, shedding light on the process of breaking free from career constraints and inspiring others to explore non-traditional roles in medicine.

Mitigating Malpractice Claims for Locums Practitioners

Gain insights into reducing the risk of malpractice suits, especially as a locums physician. The piece emphasizes the importance of effective communication, empathy, organizational skills, self-care, and meticulous documentation to build strong patient relationships and mitigate the likelihood of legal challenges

Part-time Doctoring

Instead of entirely quitting clinical medicine, this article challenges physicians to consider becoming “part-time doctors.”

Have You Read Your Malpractice Policy? You should!

This article urges physicians to thoroughly read and understand their malpractice insurance policies, emphasizing that the certificate of insurance (COI) is insufficient. It highlights key considerations in policy documents, stressing the importance of knowing the details for effective coverage.

My Path to Part-time Doctor and Helping Others

It is not always easy to quit a high-paying job as a physician, but quitting may be the right thing for you. This article reviews a physician journey from quitting their first job and finding happiness as a part-time physician.

Save Time, Hire a Virtual Scribe

Read this article to learn how virtual scribes, offering benefits like remote access and flexibility, can enhance efficiency and work-life balance compared to traditional in-person scribes. The piece advocates for considering the advantages of virtual scribes in minimizing documentation time and maximizing productivity.

A Life Beyond Medicine

As physicians, sometimes our careers can get stagnant. This article shares a personal story of how one physician developed careers beyond medicine to provide a healthy distraction from his days as a surgeon.

Be Known: Build Your Personal Locums Brand

Much like businesses, practitioners must build a recognizable brand to be successful. In this article, we share the seven elements of building a personal brand as a locums practitioner to be effective at contracting directly for locums-type work.

The More You Know: Keys to Negotiations

Not all physicians feel comfortable negotiating for themselves. This article provides an overview of the items you should know about if you were to negotiate for an opportunity to contract directly for locums-type work.

Contracting Directly as a 1099 vs. W2

Physicians should read this article to grasp the key tax implications and negotiation factors when contracting for locums work as a W2 employee or a 1099 independent contractor. This article highlights differences in payment structures, malpractice insurance, and other factors that affect how you arrange your next opportunity to contract directly.

The basics of 1099 vs. W2 Income

This article delves into the differences between 1099 and W2 income for physicians, covering aspects such as taxes, deductions, pre-tax retirement accounts, and the option of having an S Corporation. It provides valuable insights for physicians seeking to understand the financial implications and advantages associated with each income structure.

You’re only good for 90-days

As physicians, we are all accustomed to signing contracts to provide our services. This article looks at contracts differently, suggesting that no matter your contract’s length, it is only for 90 days.

Locums for Hematologist/Oncologist Mothers

Physician mothers in hematology/oncology should read this article to discover how transitioning to locum work can provide autonomy, flexibility, and work-life balance. The author challenges misconceptions, sharing personal insights on the positive impact of locums on professional satisfaction and family life.

The Power to Renegotiate After a Signed Agreement

By FlexMedStaff As medical practitioners, we are asked to sign lengthy contracts to provide professional services for a facility or private practice. These contracts, known as “Professional Services Agreements,” or PSA, define the relationship between practitioners and the facility. The PSA includes the terms and conditions of such a relationship. We are taught to negotiate […]

6 Reasons Nanny Care is Best for Locums Practitioners

Physicians should read this article for insights into why nanny care is the ideal childcare solution when transitioning to locum work, offering flexibility, cost-effectiveness, convenience, additional support, and reliable backup care. It empowers physicians to maintain control over their childcare arrangements, facilitating a smoother transition to locum work without compromising family well-being.

Locums Services and Some of Their Cost

Physicians will always benefit by knowing more about the locums industry. This article provides some transparency to how the locums handle the services they provide and the cost.

Practitioner Ergonomics: How to Position Yourself at Your Desk

This article introduces the concept of practitioner ergonomics and how important it is for one’s overall health. The article provides a practical approach for practitioners to improve their ergonomics while sitting at a desk.

Who is NALTO?

Many of the locums companies are members of the group NALTO. This article provides a brief overview of NALTO and how we hope the future provides greater transparency in the locums industry.

Locums Done Differently

It is time to look at locums differently. This article shares insight into the different categories of ways physicians can participate in locums.

Redefining Locums-type Work

In the past, the term “locums” had negative conations and was specific to working with locums companies. This article redefines the term “locums-type” work to mean any work that is done outside the traditional employment models.

Build a Great CV

Every medical professional must have a great CV if they apply for a new position. This article provides the keys to building a great CV.

Travel Advice for Frequent Locums Flyers

Every locums physician can take steps to improve their travel days for locums-type work. This article provides an extensive list of items physicians should consider if they become frequent flyers.

Be a Great Houseguest: Fitting into a Facility’s Culture

As locums physicians, we are guests of the facility. This article highlights how locums physcians can be a great houseguests so that the facility is more likely to invite them back.

Staffing for Trauma Hospitals: Where are you needed?

Each trauma hospital is required to have specific resources to maintain its trauma status. This article reviews each trauma level and what medical specialties must be available.

Building a Hotel Room Kitchen

Locums physicians that travel often may struggle to eat healthily. This article highlights some ways to build a hotel room kitchen so you can eat differently on the road.

Get More Licenses with the Compact License

Any physician that is looking for one or multiple new state medical licenses should check out the IMLCC. The article highlights how the compact license offers a speedy way for physicians to get licenses for their locums work.

Quick Guide to Physician Loans for Locums Practitioners

This article is a comprehensive guide on different types of mortgage loans offered by banks, for physicians. It details the features and advantages of physician loan programs, providing valuable insights for those physicians considering home purchases.

Pack Your Travel Bags Like a Locums Veteran

Locums physicians that travel long distances to their assignments must become proficient at packing their bags so they don’t forget anything. This article provides advice on packing your bags and what items to bring so that you can become an expert traveler before your next locums assignment.

Do You Need E&O Insurance?

For medical practitioners doing side hustles and non-clinical work, it is worth examining if you have the right insurance. This article highlights the importance of Errors and Omissions (E&O) policies.

Call and Text Guidelines for Locums Recruiters

Some locums recruiters do not obey federal telemarketing laws when contacting practitioners. This article reviews what is and is not allowable from recruiters when they attempt to call or text locums practitioners.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Medical Assistant

Physicians are busy, and their clinics are even busier. This article proposes that physicians investigate hiring Virtual Medical Assistants to enhance their clinic’s efficiency.

Don’t Have Regrets: Read and Understand Your Contracts

Each physician is responsible for understanding their professional services agreement (PSA) with a healthcare entity. This article highlights several essential items to evaluate in your next PSA for locums-type work.

Travel Differently: House Sit Instead of Hotels

Physicians should read this article to explore an innovative way of balancing work and leisure through house sitting. The piece highlights the financial savings, family-friendly options, and diverse amenities associated with house sitting, providing physicians with an appealing alternative to traditional lodging during work-related or leisure travels.

What’s my Worth? Factors that Affect Fair Market Value

When contracting directly for locums-type work, practitioners must understand the concept of Fair Market Value. This article highlights the factors that go into determining Fair Market Value.

Top 10 BS Lines Heard from Locums Recruiters

Locums recruiters have a history of not always providing reliable information about assignments to practitioners. This article provides the top 10 lines heard from locums recruiters to mislead practitioners.

Heath Insurance Options After Leaving Full-time Employment

Physicians should read this article to understand health insurance alternatives when contemplating leaving full-time employment, debunking concerns about cost. It covers all options for independent physicians and offers insights into navigating health insurance choices.

LocumsMart, The Hidden Middleman

In any industry there will be middlemen, sometimes more than one. This article discusses how LocumsMart operates, one of the many middlemen in the locums industry.

Direct Placement is an Option for Locums Physicians!

Physicians should read this article to learn the benefits of direct contracting with medical facilities, fostering personal relationships and negotiating better terms. The piece also advocates for industry-wide changes, echoing Kathryn Judge’s call for a shift towards direct placement to enhance job security and flexibility for physicians.

Top 10 Reasons to Contract Directly

Regarding locums, per diem, and part-time work, not all practitioners recognize that you can contract directly for this type of work. This article provides the top 10 reasons for contracting directly with facilities rather than going thru a locums agency.

Unfair practices of Ghosting from Locums Recruiters

Excerpt: The term ghosting has been popularized in the 21st century to refer to those individuals that cut off or lessen their communication with another individual. This article explores the different forms of ghosting done by locums recruiters.

Being gaslighted by a Locums Recruiter

The term “Gaslighting” has grown in popularity due to its usage in the political arena. This article shares the different ways that locums recruiter gaslight physicians.

Avoid burning bridges when contracting directly

There are ways to negotiate and not negotiate an opportunity to contract directly. This article shares ten ways to avoid burning bridges with a facility during negotiations.

Should I get a CLEAR Membership?

Frequent travelers may want to look at getting a CLEAR membership. This article answers your question bout CLEAR and how to get a discounted membership.

Prepare Yourself to Contract Directly with Facilities Independently

It is essential for any practitioner looking to contract directly with facilities to be prepared to do so. This article reviews six items you should have organized and thought of when looking at new opportunities.

Does an Independent Physician Need an LLC or PLLC?

It is common to hear medical professionals forming business entities when working as independent contractors. This article answers all your questions about forming an LLC or PLLC.

What to do when your flight is delayed or canceled

Part of flying is knowing what to do when your fight is delayed or canceled. This article reviews things to consider when your travel plans are disrupted so that you can get to your final destination.

PSLF for Part-time Physicians

The PSLF is a terrific way for some physicians to pay off school debt. This article reviews how physicians can work part-time and other arrangements to qualify for PSLF.

Everything is Negotiable when Contracting Directly

Too often, we fail to negotiate for ourselves and settle for what is easiest. This article reminds all practitioners that everything is negotiable when contracting directly with a facility.

Protect Your CV Like you Protect Your Identity

Too often, physicians are asked to provide their CVs without knowing how their information will be handled. This article reviews several tactics to keep your CV from being misused.

Find your Next Opportunity by Acting as Your own Recruiter

It may seem more straightforward to have a recruiter find you new opportunities, but sometimes it might be best to do it yourself. This article discusses acting as your own recruiter to find your next chance to contract directly as a medical professional.

Secure Your Next Opportunity to contract directly in Four Weeks

Too often, we hear about the lengthy process of getting physicians onboarded at a medical facility. This article discusses what physicians and medical facilities can do to contract directly within four weeks, from contract negotiations to seeing patients.

Best Advice for Booking and Scheduling Flights

Booking flights can be a headache, especially if you want to save money. This article provides advice on booking the cheapest flights and when to fly.

Your Writing Needs Editing; get Grammarly

Writing is one of the basic ways we communicate with others. This article discusses how to improve your writing by getting Grammarly.

Mind your Metrics, Tips to Grow Revenue in Private Practice

Too often, healthcare professionals leave money on the table. This article reviews the five monthly metrics private practices should review with their billers and collectors to avoid missing out on earned revenue.

Having a great CV is not enough: Start building your portfolio

The applicant pool for new opportunities is competitive and having a great CV may not be enough. In this article, we propose that physicians should expand upon their CV by building a portfolio of content to stand out as an applicant.

Doximity Dialer App: Download it Today!

Doximity, the LinkedIn for physicians, has a free mobile app that allows physicians to call patients without their cell numbers being exposed. This article reviews why the Doximity mobile app is a must-have for all physicians.

Achieving Work-life Balance as a Contracted Part-time Physician

Physicians are busy, and many seek an improved work-life balance. In this article, we review the misconceptions about working as a part-time physician and achieving an improved work-life balance by contracting directly with facilities as part-time physician.

Travel Advice for Frequent Locums Flyers

Every locums practitioner can take steps to improve their travel days for locums-type work. This article provides an extensive list of items practitioners should consider if they become frequent flyers.

Two reasons why physicians are leaving medicine

This article outlines two issues of why physicians are leaving medicine: dissatisfaction with medical facilities and clinical arrangements. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and modifying these factors for both physicians seeking better opportunities and healthcare administrators aiming to retain physicians.

Six Basic Items to know about Malpractice Insurance When Contracting Directly

Physician contracting directly must understand at least the basics of malpractice insurance. This article highlights some important topics about malpractice insurance that you should be aware of when negotiating to contract directly with a medical facility.

Putting Stories to Work: Polish Your Next Article

Physicians have many stories they could share with others. This article highlights simple steps physicians can take to start writing articles from their life experiences.

Should Physicians have Multiple DEA Licenses?

Physicians who prescribe controlled substances must have a DEA license in each state that they are actively prescribing. This article reviews all relevant items about having a DEA license and if you should have multiple DEA licenses.

The FlexMedStaff Mantra: Discounts for Doctors is growing a community of physicians to use our collective power to obtain discounts on goods and services. This article reviews how FlexMedStaff works to achieve the best discounts for physicians.

Improve your Yelp Scores with these Tips

Online platforms like Yelp have led to physicians being reviewed for their services, like restaurants and bars. This article provides easy tips for physicians to improve their online reviews and patient satisfaction scores.

Tail insurance: What physicians must know

Most physicians are unaware of how vital tail insurance is until they absolutely need it. This article answers all physicians’ questions about tail insurance for those starting their careers or near retirement.

Quick Guide to Physician Loans for Locums Practitioners

This article is a comprehensive guide on different types of mortgage loans offered by banks, for physicians. It details the features and advantages of physician loan programs, providing valuable insights for those physicians considering home purchases.

7 Reasons Why Physicians Need a Google Voice Number

Google has more to offer than just Gmail. This article reviews Google Voice, a FREE internet-based telephone for physicians.

Forgot your Drivers License: Here’s What to Do at TSA

Don’t freak out the next time you are without your drivers license going through TSA security at the airport. This article reviews what you can do in advance to avoid these hassles and what alternative items you can present to TSA to get through security.

Not just another Hallmark Holiday: Happy National Women’s Physician Day

The medical profession continues to be a male-dominated profession. In honor of National Woman’s Physician Day, February 3rd, this article highlights past accomplishments while also looking at women’s current and future work in medicine.

Op-ed: Traveling Advice from a Full-time Nomad Physician

Traveling aint easy for most physicians choosing a career to be on the road. In this op-ed, Dr. Gordon provides his advice as a nomad physician traveling for nearly ten years, treating patients across the country.

Benefits of Using Digital Intake Forms for Physicians

Digital intake forms have grown in popularity in all industries, especially medicine. This article discusses the benefits of physicians and clinics switching from paper-based to digital intake forms.

4 Reasons Why Lawyers Can’t Find you to be a Medical Expert

A growing number of physicians seek to do med-legal reviews but can’t be found by attorneys. This article reviews four reasons why attorneys can’t find you and what you can do better to be discovered.

Don’t Hold Your Breath: Non-competes Unlikely to Disappear for Physicians

The FTC proposed rule changes to outlaw physician non-competes is exciting for many physicians. This article provides five reasons why physicians might want to reserve their excitement about the FTC completely outlawing non-competes.

Release your Oxytocin with a hug this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is one of the years more commercialized yet romantic holidays. The article reviews how a simple hug on Valentine’s Day and all days can release oxytocin leading to improved health and well-being.

15 Ways to Kill Time at the Airport 

Traveling through airports can be stressful and exhausting. This article offers 15 ways for you to kill time at the airport while you wait for your flights.

The Titanic Sinking: A metaphor for the Impending Collapse of Medicine

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the movie Titanic, this article reviews 6 of the reasons the titanic was doomed and how medicine might be headed toward an iceberg as well.

Entering the Blogosphere: Start a blog today!

There are many ways for your voice to be heard. One of those simple ways to be heard is to create a blog. This article reviews 12 simple steps to creating a successful blog.

Celebrate Banana Cream Pie Day with your Friendly Hospitalist

This article celebrates National Hospitalist Day, acknowledging the invaluable role hospitalists play in patient care. The article expresses gratitude for their support in managing complex medical cases, dealing with consultants, and administrative tasks.

Be Like Mike and Build Your Personal Doctor Brand

Michael Jordan’s personal brand helped build his wealth and the brands of larger entities like Gatorade. This article examines eight ways to build and protect your personal doctor brand to have a successful career.

Have You Read Your Malpractice Policy? You should!

This article urges physicians to thoroughly read and understand their malpractice insurance policies, emphasizing that the certificate of insurance (COI) is insufficient. It highlights key considerations in policy documents, stressing the importance of knowing the details for effective coverage.

The Locums Industry has a Beef Problem

Ranchers in the Midwest have formed their own meatpacking company to disrupt the beef industry. This article looks at similarities between the locums and beef industries and what physicians can do to disrupt the locums industry like the ranchers are doing for theirs.

It’s time for C-suite to contract directly with physicians for part-time work

Physicians are quitting medicine with limited options to work part-time in medicine. This article proposes that healthcare’s C-suite start to offer more part-time opportunities so that younger and older generations of physicians will stay in medicine rather than leave.

Physicians Shall Follow the Ten Commandments of Affiliate Marketing

It has become lucrative for physicians to participate in affiliate marketing campaigns. This article proposes the Ten Commandments of affiliate marketing to establish a moral code so that affiliates provide transparency and do not prey on their physician followers.

Dr. Glaucomflecken for President!

Dr. Glaucomflecken is recognized internationally for his comedy online, but his recent attacks on the healthcare system made us think about Dr. G becoming our next president. This article provides 10 reasons why Dr. Glaucomflecken should be our next POTUS.

10 Compelling reasons to travel to rural America to Practice Medicine

There are many reasons why physicians may want to consider living in one city and working in another. This blog provides 10 reasons why traveling to rural America to practice medicine is worth it.

Mastering Telemedicine: How to Deliver a Superior Patient Experience

Physicians providing telemedicine must still worry about patient satisfaction. This article provides the keys to setting up your home to do telemedicine and the skills necessary to improve your patient experience.

Quit your job; Start a Locums Company

The article urges physicians to break free from traditional employment and staffing agencies by starting their own locum tenens agency. It outlines a startup checklist covering legal, insurance, website, and recruitment aspects of starting a locums agency.

5 Essential Strategies for Combating Metabolic Syndrome and Achieving Optimal Health

This article discusses how Americans’ unhealthy choices regarding their health are resulting in an increase in chronic diseases and obesity in the country. Specifically, the article focuses on metabolic syndrome and suggests lifestyle modifications that individuals can adopt to mitigate its harmful effects.

ChatGPT Creepin’ on WebMD and Physicians

Professional creep is seen throughout medicine. This article explores how the open AI platform known as ChatGPT may creep on WebMD and physicians.

Is there collusion against physician compensation? A hypothetical case study

Is the healthcare industry colluding against physicians to limit and suppress compensation? This article provides a hypothetical case against the healthcare industry by giving arguments to support collusion against physicians.

Expert Tips for Assessing a Locums Agency’s PSA

A PSA with a locums agency is a serious matter. This article offers expert advice on five key elements to understand when working with a locums company.

Understanding “Nofollow” Hyperlinks for Website SEO

“Nofollow” hyperlinks may or may not be beneficial to your SEO strategy. This article discusses how “nofollow” hyperlinks may not pass along SEO value to your website, but they can still provide benefits such as referral traffic, brand awareness, and co-citation.

Physicians Running Facebook Groups Mimic the Behavior of Dictators

As more physicians have found each other on social media there is a select number of physicians that have run their Facebook groups like a personal business. In this article we suggest that some physicians are running their groups like dictators by exploring similar traits between dictators and physician group leaders.

Embracing the NBA Model: The Case for Physicians to Form Specialty-Specific Locums Teams

Discover how the NBA’s “super team” phenomenon is inspiring physicians to create specialty-specific locums teams, emphasizing collective expertise, work-life balance, collaboration, mentorship, innovation, and renewed fulfillment in a bid to revolutionize medical practice and enhance healthcare outcomes.

Comparing the Seven-Year Itch in Marriage to Physicians Leaving Medicine

By FlexMedStaff The “Seven Year Itch” is a phrase used to describe a phenomenon where some married couples experience a period of declining interest and dissatisfaction with their relationship around the seven-year mark. The term was popularized by the 1955 movie, “The Seven Year Itch,” starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell, in which Ewell’s character […]

Expert Tips for Assessing a Locums Agency’s PSA

By FlexMedStaff As a physician, taking on locum tenens assignments can offer many benefits, such as greater flexibility, the chance to experience different work environments, and exposure to diverse patient populations. However, before you sign a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with a locums company, there are a few key things you need to look for. […]

Quit Today, Start Planning Your Future Tomorrow

By FlexMedStaff As a physician, you have undoubtedly invested significant time, effort, and money into your education and training. You may feel obligated to continue working in your current position, even if it’s not fulfilling, because of the sense of security and stability it provides. However, it’s crucial to consider your long-term goals and plan […]

Decreasing Social Media Use Leads to Less Burnout

Burnout is an increasingly common phenomenon affecting approximately 63% of physicians. The etiology is multifactorial, with excessive workloads leading to sleep deprivation & curtailed self-care. Social media is a significant contributor to burnout that we easily overlook. Perhaps we’re looking for an escape on social media, but is more screen time what we really need? […]