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Many of us are well-educated, intelligent, and articulate, but that is not always communicated in our writing. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors can make us look illiterate, lazy, and uninformed.

For physicians that take the traditional path, we spend 21 years in school. That is 21 years from kindergarten to medical school graduation. Aint we smart? Shouldn’t we be able to write with clarity and without errors? You would think so. The truth is that many of us could use some assistance with our writing. It is time you get introduced to Grammarly!

Grammarly provides digital writing assistance powered by AI to users sending emails and text and those writing blogs, articles, research papers, and much more.  

Many of us probably feel like we are excellent writers already. Why get Grammarly? There are many things in life that we think we are great at, but it takes others to remind us that we are not.

You might think you are a great dancer, but would your friends agree? Do you think your skills could really stand up to other dancers on the Fox T show “Do you think you can dance?” Heck no!

You might think you are smart, but how smart are you? Do you think you have the knowledge to out-compete every fifth grader on the TV show “Are you smarter than a fifth grader” on Fox? Heck no!

You might think your writing is superb, but how great is it? The odds are that Grammarly will demonstrate flaws within your writing, leading you to reconsider how good of a writer you really are.

The concept for Grammarly started back in 2009 when its three founders formed MyDropBox to identify plagiarism at major Universities. After starting MyDropBox, they began to question why students were plagiarizing the work of others. They soon realized that students did not have the confidence or knowledge base to write effectively on their own. This led them to develop Grammarly in 2011 to provide digital assistance to help students learn and effectively communicate thru their writing. 

Grammarly is now worth over $13 billion. They have a free and premium version ($139.95 annually). Grammarly’s software can be accessed on all web browsers, desktops, and phones. Its platform provides billions of writing recommendations to users monthly. Grammarly provides the following assistance:

#1: Spell Checker

#2: Vocabulary recommendations

#3: Punctuation corrections

#4: Full-sentence rewrites

#5: Tone adjustments

#6: Fluency suggestions

#7: Plagiarism verification

Over 30 million users rely on Grammarly daily. This includes everyone from students to business executives. Every person and profession can take advantage of Grammarly’s sophisticated algorithms to improve their writing. Studies have shown that students have greater confidence in their writing and receive higher grades. Professionals using Grammarly have found their writing more concise and clear without errors…..AND professionals have become less dependent on others to edit their work.

Here is what others are saying about Grammarly….

A previous Google employee reported, “we wouldn’t dare send an email to other google employees without first running it thru Grammarly.”

After using Grammarly once, a graduate of the University of Chicago medical school said, “I thought I would not need something like Grammarly. Now, I see why others like using it so much.”

After writing his book, a physician said, “I would not have had the confidence to write a book if it wasn’t for Grammarly.”

Everyone is using Grammarly; why not you? 

Final thoughts….       

As humans, we are judged heavily based on the way we communicate. Grammarly was built to improve your ability to communicate with others thru your writing to make you look more knowledgeable and trustworthy. Don’t be the guy or gal without it. Please don’t send out another email or publish a blog without first having it checked by Grammarly!

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***Grammarly edited this article.

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