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As independent physicians, you know the value of a good deal. Unfortunately, it can often take much work to find discounts of value on goods and services you need to run a successful practice or to benefit you in your daily lives. Fortunately, there is a way for physicians to work together to leverage their collective power and get better discounts. Similar to how large corporations offer their employees benefits, FlexMedStaff hopes to provide its members the perks & benefits usually only seen from large employers, associations, and organizations. This article will discuss how FlexMedStaff encourages physicians to use their collective buying power to get the best discounts on goods and services.

How to get the best discounts?

It’s simple; physicians should join FlexMedStaff to improve our leverage with vendors and distributors to negotiate better discounts for physicians than those offered to the general public. With collective bargaining, FlexMedStaff can negotiate with companies for sincere, long-term discounts rather than getting roped into one-time or limited discounts. We can do better if we work together! Let’s use our power in numbers to identify companies willing to offer us more than just a standard “Heroes” discount.

How does FlexMedStaff intend to use its leverage?

FlexMedStaff passes all discounts and deals onto the physicians without collecting a commission or referral fee. This allows vendors and distributors to offer their deepest discounts if FlexMedStaff is not taking a cut of the pie. FlexMedStaff does not participate in affiliate programs in the traditional sense. We refuse to participate in affiliate programs that pay a commission so that physicians can get the best product and service rates. Without acting as a middleman, FlexMedStaff can negotiate with companies to pass on to its physician members the best rates and deals.

What type of discounts is FlexMedStaff looking for?

FlexMedStaff is looking to work with companies offering long-term discounts on their products and services. FlexMedStaff is not interested in working with companies that are only willing to provide a one-time or temporary discount. FlexMedStaff does not want its members to get caught in a “bait and switch” where they unknowingly will be forced to pay full price once the discount expires. FlexMedStaff will not honor discounts from companies in which the discounts are set to expire. We advocate for long-term discounts so physicians never feel trapped if a discount were to expire. FlexMedStaff negotiates for discounts only available to its members and not to the general public.

How good are the FlexMedStaff discounts?

FlexMedStaff negotiates with companies for its members to receive 10-40% off. That is what we call the FlexMedStaff discount. 

What discounts is FlexMedstaff negotiating for?

FlexMedStaff can use its collective power to get better discounts on a wide range of goods and services applicable to the practice of medicine and beyond. This includes professional services, such as medical, legal,  financial, and accounting advice, and everyday services like cleaning and driver services. Physicians can receive discounts on lab supplies, medical equipment, scrubs, electronic medical records (EMR), telemedicine services, and health insurance. Discounts can also be found on hotels, flights, and car rentals. FlexMedStaff physician members can receive discounts on everyday products like laptops, clothing, luggage, and much more.  There are no limits to what FlexMedStaff will be able to offer on behalf of its physician members.

Discounts for doctors is our mantra.

Through FlexMedStaff, physicians can leverage their combined purchasing power to negotiate better rates with vendors, suppliers, and other parties. By joining FlexMedStaff, physicians will quickly see the growing number of discounts offered to its members, resulting in lower costs for products and services…..“Discounts for Doctors” is our mantra.

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