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Airport travel can be stressful and exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. There is much to do at airports. Instead of arriving late for your flight and having to run through the airport, consider arriving early to avoid these stressors. Arriving early can make your airport travel experience much more enjoyable, as there is much to do and take advantage of at the airport.

Airports can be a great place to kill time while you wait for your flight, whether it’s to travel or even just as a layover. Whether you’re waiting alone or with family and friends, there is plenty to do to keep you busy. This article will explore 15 ways to enjoy your time at the airport and relax before, after, and between flights.

#1: Prepare for your flight.  Not all of us have it together once we arrive at the airport. While you relax for your flight, take the time to make sure you are prepared for your flight. Consider doing the following before you board your plane.

-Charge your phone, tablet, and laptop.

-Download the updated airline app for your mobile device.

-Purchase a book or magazine.

-Download any items to your computer that will keep you busy on the flight.

-Download TV shows and movies to your personal device.  

-Purchase snacks for the flight.

-Drink water as it’s very easy to get dehydrated while flying.

-Verify that you have an updated rideshare app.

-Ensure your rental car will be ready upon arrival.

-Send your flight information to friends, family, and the one picking you up from the airport. Check out FlightsStats as a great website to send to others about your flight.

-Grab Dramamine if you are prone to motion sickness.  

#2. Get your steps in. Ask any spine surgeon; sitting for an extended period can be horrible for our lower backs. Instead of sitting for your flight to board, take a walk to take the stress off your spine and burn calories.Click HERE to view a walking guide of many airports.

#3. Airport Yoga. Find some space to stretch out to do 10 minutes of yoga. Don’t be embarrassed by those looking funny at you; they are only jealous of your supreme travel skills. Click HERE to check out this 10-minute video to do at the airport. A growing number of airports have yoga studies to take advantage of if you don’t feel comfortable doing it at the gate.

#4. Go shopping. Although it may be difficult to find a great deal on items at the airport, it may find a great deal. If you can’t find a great deal, order the items from your phone instead. Click HERE to check out this list of the best airports in the USA to shop.

#5. Enjoy airport lounges. You may not have a first-class seat, but everyone can experience first-class treatment at the airport lounges. Having access to free food, coffee, and drinks, and sometimes a great view will make any travel more enjoyable. Although you can pay for a day pass at many of these lounges, check out purchasing a membership if you fly enough for it to be worth it. Click HERE to view the list of best and worst airport lounge memberships.

#6. Dine out! Airports have certainly stepped up their food game. These days you can find surprisingly great food at the airport. Why not feed your belly so the food coma hits once you board your flight? Click HERE to view the best restaurants at your favorite airports.

#7. Play travel games. Do you pack travel games in your carry-on bag? These days there are many fun portable games that you can bring with you on your travels. Click HERE to view some of the best travel games.

#8. Grab a drink. If you don’t have access to a lounge for a free drink, then consider stopping by one of the airport bars. Have a drink and socialize, or contemplate the meaning of life before your next flight. Click HERE to view the best airport bars, and click HERE to view the best WINE bars.

#9. Explore airport museums. Did you know airports have museums? Many airports of small museums about the geographical region or the airport. Take the time to learn something new at one of these museums. For example, you can check out the “Battle of Midway” exhibit at Midway airport in Chicago.

#10.  Check out the art galleries. If art is your thing, many airports have beautiful exhibits to discover. Click HERE to view the best airport art galleries.

#11.  Empty your bowels. Having ample time to take care of your business is a must when flying. No one wants to smell your poo on the airplane. Remember to use the restroom for #1 or #2 at least 15 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart.

#12. Get a massage. Consider spending a few bucks to sit in a massage chair or a few additional dollars for an actual massage at one of the many airport spas. Click HERE to view the best airport spas.

#13. Take a nap. Annoyingly, travel is exhausting. Find a quiet space at the airport on the floor to lay out and take a nice power nap. Don’t worry about what others may think of you, but keep the snoring to a minimal

#14. People watch. One of the American favorite past times! Find a chair with a great view of people traveling through the airport to entertain yourself. It may not be as entertaining as doing this at Walmart, but you might get lucky and spot a celebrity. 

#15. Get a manicure. What a great way to kill dead time; get a manicure. Many airports have spas and nail salons available to get your next manicure.

Final thoughts

If you can, avoid the stress of rushing through the airport. Arrive early for your flights and ensure you have enough time during your layovers to relax at the airport. Don’t let the stress of a travel day elevate your cortisol levels to the sky. Hopefully, the list above gives you some ideas of how to best relax at the airport.

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