Locums and Permanent Placement Services for Facilities

Permanent Placement Services:

FlexMedStaff is devoted to collaborating with facilities in search of physicians for permanent placement. Our commitment extends to aligning your facility with physicians who meet your expectations. Through partnerships with recruitment firms, FlexMedStaff facilitates seamless permanent placements. Our mission is to connect talented physicians with rewarding full-time and part-time opportunities. Whether you’re seeking physicians for traditional full-time or non-traditional positions, partner with us for personalized placement solutions, initiate the process by emailing support@FlexMedStaff.com, and start the journey with us.

Job Board

For only $1,000, healthcare facilities can post an unlimited number of jobs with FlexMedStaff for 3 months to contract directly with physicians without a staffing agency. This is a limited-time offer. Even though our job board is under construction, we will share your job posts with our members and followers. FlexMedStaff has been successful at helping facilities find physicians PRN, part-time, call-coverage, and moonlighting roles without having to work with typical staffing agencies.

Transparent Locums Services:

Have you wondered how locums could be done differently? FlexMedStaff has partnered to bring transparency to the locums industry and save your facaility. Although FlexMedStaff advocates for facilities to contract directly for locums work, we know that is not always possible. When you need locum physicians, consider aligning with us!

Transparent Fees.

  1. $300/day, which includes malpractice insurance with traditional locums management.
  2. $175/day, which includes locums management when the facility or physician provides malpractice insurance

How it Works.

Are you tired of the traditional locums model? Here is how we are doing things differently through transparency. This is what we offer facilities.

Package #1 – Malpractice insurance plus the locums management:

Do you need a locum physician? We’ve got you covered! Our service fee amounts to just an additional $300 per day on top of the physician’s rates. You can count on us to provide the physician with malpractice insurance and assist physicians with credentialing, licensing, and travel arrangements. To be clear, if the physician is compensated $3,000 per day, then we only charge your facility $3,300. Thus, $3,000 to the physicians and $300 to the agency.

Package #2 – Locums management and the facility or physician covers malpractice insurance:

Our fees are lowered if your facility or the physician provides malpractice insurance. If we do not need to provide physician malpractice insurance, we only charge $175/day to provide traditional locums management services. To be clear, if the physician is compensated $3,000 per day, then we only charge the facility $3,175. Thus, $3,000 goes to the physicians, and $175 goes to the agency.

Work with Us!

Our straightforward fee structure ensures complete transparency with no hidden costs. Together, we can provide a transparent locums model that benefits your facility and physicians.

If you are interested in collaborating or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Email us at support@FlexMedStaff.com