Locums and Permanent Placement Services for Physicians

Permanent Placement:

For those physicians seeking permanent placement, FlexMedStaff is dedicated to connecting you with opportunities that align with their expectations and desired work-life balance. FlexMedStaff has partnered with facilities and recruitment firms to facilitate permanent placements for physicians. Our mission is to seamlessly connect talented physicians with fulfilling, full-time and part-time opportunities. If you are looking for traditional full-time employment or non-traditional roles, work with us! We are committed to finding you the right opportunities. Send an email to support@FlexMedStaff.com to start exploring new opportunities with us.

Transparent Locums Services:

Have you wondered how locums could be done differently? FlexMedStaff has partnered to bring transparency to the locums industry. Although FlexMedStaff advocates for all physicians to contract directly for locums work, we know that is not always possible. Consider aligning with us when you can’t contract directly with healthcare facilities!

Transparent Fees:

1)$300/day, which includes malpractice insurance with traditional locums management.

2)$100/day, which includes locums management when the facility or physicians provide malpractice insurance

How it Works:

Are you tired of the traditional locums model? Here is how we are doing things differently through transparency. This is what we offer for physicians.

Package #1 – Malpractice insurance plus the locums management:

Do you need an agency to secure your next locums assignment? We’ve got you covered! We will take care of every aspect of your locums assignment, ensuring you receive your desired compensation rate. We charge the facility $300/day to handle your malpractice insurance and provide you the advantages of being affiliated with a reputable locums company. Count on our locums agency to assist with credentialing, licensing, and travel arrangements, streamlining the entire process for your convenience. To be clear, if the physician is compensated $3,000 per day, then we only charge the facility $3,300. Thus, $3,000 to the physicians and $300 to the agency.

Package #2 – Locums management and the facility or physician covers malpractice insurance:

If the facility or physician provides malpractice insurance, our fees are lowered. If we do not need to provide malpractice insurance, then we only charge $100/day to provide traditional locums services. To be clear, if the physician is compensated $3,000 per day, then we only charge the facility $3,100. Thus, $3,000 to the physicians and $100 to the agency.

Work with Us!

With our straight forward fee structure, physicians can expect complete transparency and no hidden costs. For those physicians who seek out their own locums opportunities to enhance their work-life balance, we are here to help. Together, we can provide a transparent locums model that benefits physicians and healthcare facilities.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. Email us at support@FlexMedStaff.com