Car Rental Discount

Are you ready for rental car savings? FlexMedStaff has a working relationship with Enterprise/National Car Rental to provide discounts to our members. Send us your Emerald number and get started today to take advantage of FlexMedStaff discounts.

Who can use the discount? Physicians who are FlexMedStaff members.

When can I use the discount? You can use the discount when traveling for leisure or business.

How it works? Once you send us your Emerald number, your Emerald profile will be updated with FlexMedStaff discounts. You will continue to receive credit for the rewards program.

What if there are cheaper rates at the airport? Your Emerald account will automatically show cheaper rates even if the rates are better than what you can get with FlexMedStaff.

What is the discount? In 2024, the average daily rate for a mid-size car was $49.99 per day. That will continue and get better the more money we spend. FYI: The average retail rate nationwide is $70/day.

Best way to take advantage of the program? Book mid-size car with National at airports. Over 75% of FlexMedStaff emerald members received a free upgrade.

Is National or Enterprise better? With the FlexMedStaff discount National is better at airports and Enterprise is best off-airport.

Purpose: The more we spend as a group with National/Enterpise, the more savings we will get in the future.

Disclosures: FlexMedStaff does not receive any commissions or credit for this partnership.