Job Board for Facilities

Healthcare facilities welcome to our job board! We specialize in connecting physicians of all specialties with opportunities tailored to their preferences and demands. We make the introduction; you negotiate with physicians.

While we accept full-time job postings, our primary focus is on promoting roles where facilities are open to negotiating with physicians to form non-traditional clinical arrangements that benefit all parties. We’re particularly interested in highlighting non-traditional employment opportunities that prioritize work-life balance and foster a supportive environment for physicians.


For a limited time, facilities are charge $1,000 to post as many job openings as they like over a three month period.

How it Works:

Once your facilities have paid the fees, you will email us all the job openings that you would like posted. The job description will be edited to match the format of the job board. The job opening will be shared on the website’s job board and on social media platforms. When a physician is interested in the position, an email with the physician’s information will be sent to your facility. *It’s the facility’s responsibility to verify the candidate, as FlexMedStaff does not vet or review the candidates in advance.  

Job Posts:

Facilities can post jobs for any specialty. Each job post will include the following information:

  1. Speciality
  2. Location
  3. Compensation (ie: salary plus bonus, flat rate, hourly rate, call rate, etc)
  4. Worker status (W2, 1099 or ether)
  5. Contractural terms (ie: contract directly vs through staffing agency)
  6. Preferred clinical arrangement (ie: full-time, part-time, job share, PRN, locums, etc)
  7. Is your facility flexible and open to other arrangments? (ie: part-time, locums, job share, etc)


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