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Are you a physician interested in performing med-legal reviews?

FlexMedStaff helps to connect physicians with insurance companies, law firms, and our partnered agencies to perform med-legal reviews. Input your information below to be considered for future reviews.

What are med-legal reviews?

Both practicing and non-practicing physicians have the opportunity to engage in med-legal reviews. These opportunities commonly involve remote reviews of medical cases. Your responsibilities may include reviewing cases related to medical malpractice, liability (e.g., auto accidents), personal injury, disability, and medical necessity. Depending on the client’s requirements, you might be tasked with reviewing the medical records and composing a formal report summarizing your findings. On occasion, you may be requested to provide a deposition or testify in court. Once you establish a connection with a client, such as a law firm or insurance company, it is recommended to discuss expectations with them directly.

Need a coach or instructional course?

Recognizing the challenges that come with starting something new, we’ve curated a selection of our recommended physician coaches and courses for those venturing into med-legal reviews. Explore the options below for coaches and courses. *Please note that affiliate links may be included.

Amy Fogelman’s Comprehensive Expert Witness Course: Consider the internet’s #1 online physician-led course for those looking to perform medical malpractice reviews.  Click HERE to learn more. There is a 5% discount for FlexMedStaff members.

How it works.

Physicians can input their information below if they are interested in doing med-legal reviews. Your information is stored and shared with law firms, insurance companies, and our trusted partner agencies. When there is a case to review in your specialty, a staff member of FlexMedStaff or one of our clients will reach out to you. Disclaimer: Please review the Terms & Conditions upon submitting your information.


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