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•It is clear that FlexMedStaff is on a mission to help physicians appreciate and capitalize on their value. So many physicians are being dragged by the healthcare system, and it’s easy to forget that we can still fight for ourselves. My mentor made himself available and willing to partner with me to help me reclaim my value as a physician. I am new to locums, and I was very concerned about navigating this new world. I was concerned about putting myself at the mercy of recruiters and potentially getting some bad deals. My mentor partnered with me to help give me the confidence and the techniques to advocate for the best deals. They even encouraged me to go after direct contracts with hospital systems. This is the best way to cut out the middleman and maximize my value! As physicians, we have to fight back. There is a way to work on our terms and re-claim the respect and value we worked so hard to earn. I’m so appreciative to have a passionate and skilled physician in my corner.

•Navigating the locum world can be extremely daunting and often physicians are at a huge disadvantage in the system.  FlexMedStaff mentors have been a great resource in educating me and other physicians on the many aspects of locum work, including advice regarding contract negotiations, malpractice and health insurance issues, and even insight on day-to-day life as a locum doc. It is so refreshing to find physicians who are motivated by a genuine desire to support fellow physicians.

•FlexMedStaff mentors have been very detailed and helpful in discussing different contract/employment/malpractice options. They have given me a new framework for negotiating with employers that has been invaluable, especially as I am a recent graduate from training. I cannot recommend FlexMedStaff mentors highly enough. There is no substitute for truly knowing your worth as a physician.

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