Topics for 2025 FlexMedStaff Summit

  1. Vegas Bets: Recap from 2024 Summit (multiple choice questions for audience on a review of 2024 lectures) 
  2. Physician Anonymous: Recognizing burnout and stories of success (have 5-10 minute stories told about success) 
  3.  Physician Options When the Chips are Down
  4. Adapting to Change: Evolving Non-traditional Clinical Roles for Post-covid era Physician  (a talk about Non-tradtiional employment and contracting for physicians to stay in clinical practice.)
  5. Expanding your scope of practice within a DPC
  6. Healthy & Wealthy: Balancing Medicine and Lifestyle in Sin City
  7. The Vegas Prescription: Thriving as a Physician in America’s Playground in DPC
  8. Jackpot: How I hit the jackpot with living the locums life
  9. High Roller: running a small business as an independent contracted physician
  10. From Slots to stethoscopes: How the 2024 FMS summit changed my life
  11. From Stethoscopes to Slots OR Finding the “Suite” life: Life Before and After I gained my Independence as a Physician
  12. Rolling the Dice: Understanding malpractice insurance from a physician’s perspective
  13. Betting on Better Health: Changing lives via Telemedicine
  14.  Recipe for Success: A Cocktail to Share worth sharing with Locums Agencies
  15. Viva Vitality: Finding real energy for life via direct contracting
  16. The Doctor’s Dossier: Unveiling the corporate practice of medicine
  17. Code Blue to Bright Lights: From burnout to success!
  18. The Odds Always Lay with the House: Locums agencies ain’t altruistic: Stories of the middlemen gone wrong.
  19. Your locums recruiter is NOT your friend: lesson learned the hard way.
  20. Why NOT to Loser Line the Locums Agency: How we move the dial
  21. Being fired from a locums assignment taught me how to narrow in on the right facility to work for.
  22. Understanding your scope of practice and how it fits with a facility’s needs.
  23. Reviving Resilience: Harnessing AA Strategies to Combat Physician Burnout
  24. Reclaiming Balance: Physician Burnout and the Lessons from AA
  25. Throw Caution to the Wind: Quit Today, Plan for your future tomorrow
  26. Confident or CON-fident: does a GOOD locums recruiter even exist? 
  27. CON Artist or Confidant? Evaluating Locums Recruiters with a Critical Eye
  28. Knowing how ChatGPT can influence you life as a physician
  29. The AI Prescription: Leveraging ChatGPT for Physician Success
  30. Navigating AI in the clinic: What I have learned to improve my work-life balance.
  31. Keep it Simple Stupid: 5 elements to look for in a professional services Agreement
  32. The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back: Personal Paths to Independent Physician Work”
  33. Guide to Getting Started – A Road Map to Independent Physician Work”
  34. “Moving from burnout to professional fulfillment: How to Beat Burnout with non-traditional careers”
  35. Staged retirement as a locum: building my wealth as an elder physician
  36. Business expenses as a 1099 independent contractor: Knowing what to write off
  37. Always Know Your Next Move or Counting Cards: Staying Organized as a One Doc Business
  38. Stark Law Sucks: What to know if you are contracting directly
  39. Locums for Newbies: Understanding the Game
  40. WTF FMV: Understanding Fair Market Value for independent contracted physicians.
  41. Have no shame: Take advantage of locums agencies (How to profit from the agencies and going direct from information obtained from agencies)
  42. Learning from the millennials: How to quit and be loyal to yourself.
  43. Contracting Directly aint easy: here are my tips and tricks.
  44. Wheels Up: Tactics for traveling physicians.
  45. The Art of the Deal: Mastering Negotiations with Agencies and Direct Contracts
  46. Navigating Roadblocks: Strategies for Handling Facilities that don’t want to contract directly 
  47. Beyond the Fine Print: Decoding Contracts Like a Pro without a Lawyer
  48. Behind the Policy: Deep Dive into Malpractice Insurance for Independent Physicians  (thru agencies and option when going direct)
  49. Benefits Beyond Employment: Strategies for Independent Physicians (talk about what to do about disability insurance, retirement funds, and health insurance)
  50. Unlocking the Secrets of Sleep: Insights for Physicians and their Patients
  51. The Physician’s Guide to DIY Accounting: Uncovering the Essentials (provide advice about when to get CPA, payroll, software, receipts, services that make it easier)
  52. The Biden Effect: Knowing the difference between 1099 independent contractor and W2 employee. 
  53. Crafting Your Career Story: Strategies for Building an Outstanding CV
  54. Doctor and Landlord: Balancing Clinical Practice with Rental Properties
  55. Utilization Review: Tips and Tricks for a Lucrative Side Hustle
  56. Mistakes Made: What I learned from contracting directly and working through locums agencies.
  57. W2 vs 1099: Embracing a W2 role over 1099.
  58. Beyond the Bottom Line: Knowing that its not all about the money (talk about how there are good lower paying gigs or giving the facility a deal)
  59. The Paradox of Worth: Why Your Value Doesn’t Define Your Self-Worth (talk about how know your worth does not always equal your value
  60. Impact of W2 on family life, How do families coordinate their lives around locums, can you do locums as a single parent? How does locums / travel affect the family? how many shifts are too many? etc
  61. Navigating Investments: Exploring Active and Passive Strategies in the Stock Market for Busy Physicians(Blackwood said he wanted this talk)
  62. Physician Blues: Unpacking the Persistent Depression Amongst Physician and the Rise of Burnout(focus on how burnout is most linked to job dissatisfaction, not depression)
  63. Quitting aint easy: How I liberated myself by resigning an employed position.
  64. Playing well in the Sandbox: Building Positive Relationships as a Locum with In-House Staff
  65. Ethical and Legal Standards for Locum Physicians: How to deal with another physician’s patient and how best to handoff patients. 
  66.  How Will You “Wake Up the Next Morning”: The Doc I wanted to be or the Doc I Became?
  67.  Cutting Out the Middleman: How I finally started contracted directly for locums-type work.
  68. Why is every locums company swiping right on my pic?
  69.  Only Gamble in Vegas: How to Find MedMal Coverage
  70. Not all locums agencies are bad: How to find the good ones?
  71.  My locums recruiter is NOT my friend, and it should stay that way.
  72. What are the barriers to contracting directly?
  73. What are the barriers for becoming a locums physician?